Mechanical Engineering Students

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department


Vehicle Pre-Crash Detection Project

Professors Charles Birdsong and Peter Schuster are working with students to investigate the technology of vehicle pre-crash detection.

Time-lapse Video as a Reflection Tool for Collaborative Design

Dr. Louis Rosenberg has been employing time-lapse video as a novel pedagogical intervention for enhancing student reflection in group design experiences.

Speaking with Hands: Creating Hands to Communicate with Deaf-Blind Individuals

Professor Niku is developing an artificial hand that enables people to communicate with blind-and-deaf individuals by finger-spelling.

Pattern Recognition and Following by a Robot

Professor Niku and graduate student Terral Ayson-Beanum are creating a robotic system that recognizes patterns, stores the information, and cuts materials into the same pattern.

First Person Observation Technology to Support Children with Autism

Dr. Louis Rosenberg has been developing First Person Remote Observation (FPRO) that enables parents, caregivers and educators to view the world through the eyes of an autistic child.

Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering

The Cal Poly Biomechanics Group are researching the development of an analytical cartilage growth model and experimental protocols to characterize the generation of articular cartilage to help find a successful way to create cartilage tissue.

Diagnosing Malfunctions on Water-Based Machinery

Professor Xi Wu is developing vibration-based methods to diagnose malfunctions of rotating machinery.

Golf Club Fitting

Cal Poly Professor Tom Mase is researching an algorithm to match golfers' swings to the ball and club that best fits them.

Vectoring Thrust Research is funded by NASA

Recent research by Professors Tom Carpenter and Bill Murray may well provide a cost-effective means for commercial launch ventures into space...