Degree Programs


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Cal Poly offers a program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. The program includes a broad spectrum of courses in general engineering, stressing application as well as theory, to prepare the graduate for a career in the professional engineering world. The curriculum is also a foundation for graduate study in engineering and other professions. A graduate program is offered at Cal Poly, leading to a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering. The department also offers a blended BS and MS Program.

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Cal Poly mechanical engineering department offers a masters degree as well as a blended masters degree for continuing Cal Poly students. We do not offer any particular concentration within the degree. There are certain required categories of classes as described below, but by the approval of the graduate coordinator, the candidate may select classes within these categories to suit the student's areas of interest.

Blended 4+1 Program

The Blended program is applicable only to Cal Poly continuing students. CSU now requires that the students change their objective close to, but before, 180 units are accomplished towards graduation. The Blended program is accomplished by changing the objective of the student from BSc degree to MSc degree. Please also request 3 letters of recommendation be sent to the graduate advisor. After you are admitted, by submitting the Change of Objective form, your status changes to a graduate student with its new fee requirement, changes in financial aid, as well as priority registration. You will not get your undergraduate degree until all requirements for both degrees are satisfied. Therefore, both degrees will be conferred simultaneously. You may change your objective back to BSc if you change your mind. In the Blended program, up to 8 units of ME-400 level senior electives may be double-counted towards your masters degree. The graduate advisor must approve all courses.

Mechatronics Concentration

Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of mechanical, electrical, and computer technologies in the design of complex products and processes. Recent rapid growth of mechatronics as an area of engineering has given rise to a significant demand for mechatronics engineers. In the Mechanical Engineering Department at Cal Poly, our Mechatronics Concentration is helping meet this need by producing engineering graduates who are capable, well-rounded mechatronics designers. Mechatronics is a design philosophy, an integrated approach to engineering design.

HVAC Concentration

The HVAC&R Concentration prepares students for careers in the heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry, with a focus on the design of mechanical systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

General Mechanical Engineering Concentration

Students gain a fundamental understanding of engineering sciences, including mathematics, chemistry, and physics as well as deep training in engineering design. The principles of solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and thermal sciences are included throughout the curriculum, providing students the knowledge and skill-set to design engineering solutions to problems encountered in the professional world.