Club Information


International Travel Information: If your club is planning on traveling internationally, the travel forms are completely different than the domestic travel paperwork. You will need to see Christine Haas in the ME Dept. Office 6 months prior to your trip to get the required paperwork started. ALSO, if your club will be transporting a competition vehicle or equipment, a broker will required to arrange the shipment of these items to whichever country you are traveling to.  A faculty or staff member MUST accompany the team for international trips.

*All travel DOMESTIC forms must be turned in 2 weeks prior to the trip.

Travel 1A form (Travel Request)
The responsible party will fill out a Travel 1A form as a blanket request for the entire group which will be attached to the List of Participants form. Or if there is no faculty or staff member accompanying the club, the individual(s) that anticipates incurring expenses for the trip should fill out this form.

List of Participants form Each team member fills out this one form and attaches it with the Travel 1A form.

Authorization to Use Privately owned Vehicle form To be filled out by each person driving a private vehicle on university business. NOTE: This form is required once every fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

University Release Agreement form
To be filled out by each student driver who will not get reimbursed for mileage.

Volunteer Identification Form
The student who is driving on Cal Poly business is required to fill out this form. NOTE: This form is required only once every fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

Request to Operate Vehicles on University Business
The student who is driving on Cal Poly business is required to fill out this form. A copy of the student's driver's license is to accompany this form. NOTE: This form is required once every fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

Travel 262 form (Travel Claim) To be filled out within 10 days upon return of the trip. Attach original receipts.


Bus Charter

If your club will need to arrange for a Bus Charter, a Bus Charter Request Form will need to be completed and sent to Contracts and Procurements. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact Christine Haas in the ME Dept. Office.


Club Purchases

Your club has 2 options for making purchases:

  1. AN INDIVIDUAL IN YOUR CLUB PURCHASES THE MATERIALS- This person would pay for items themself and submit original receipts for reimbursement via Direct Pay form.
    • Direct Pay Form You will use this form if you are requiring reimbursement from your club's IRA account.
    • Missing Receipt Form Fill out this form if you do not have a receipt for an expense you need reimbursement for. Submit with your Direct Pay Form.
  2. CAL POLY PURCHASES YOUR CLUB'S MATERIALS - You purchase the material through the ME budget person, Christine Haas (appointments required with Christine and can be made via email to or through her budget student assistant. You will be guided through the process. Via this method, you can use a Cal Poly credit card (the VISA ProCard) and order your materials online or over the phone.  NOTE:  Each vendor purchase must be over $150 in order to use the ProCard.

Purchase Restrictions:

  • Any purchase from a single vendor over $2,500 (tax and shipping included) must be processed as a purchase order. A formal quote will be required from the vendor in order to initiate this.
  • Any purchase from a single vendor that exceeds $5,000 (tax and shipping included) will require three formal bids or a Sole Source Justification to process a purchase order.

For delivery of equipment and components, use this address:

To: Cal Poly Mustang '60 Machine Shop

Your Name (first and last) & Club Name

1 Grand Avenue San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Your phone #


Hospitality Form

If your club is purchasing any food or beverages, the person buying the items will need to complete the Hospitality Form.  Once complete, this form will be used to reimburse the individual and will be attached as additional back-up with the food and/or beverage receipt.

Hospitality Form

Competition Vehicle Driver Liability Information

Each competition vehicle driver will need to complete a:

Competition Vehicle Insurance

If your club has a self-propelled vehicle, your club will need to let Jim Gerhardt know which competition vehciles are active or inactive each year in June.

Shipment of a Competition Vehicle or Equipment (Domestic Only)

Contact Jim Gerhardt to discuss using or creating a crate to ship the equipment or competition vehcile to its intended destination.  Contact Christine Haas for international shipments.


Reserving an ME Department Vehicle and/or Trailer

If your club will need to arrange for an ME department vehicle, you will need to complete an ME Dept Vehicle Reservation Request form and additional required forms no less than 2 weeks prior to use.  Complete and turn in form to Christine Haas in the ME Dept. Office after you've obtained your faculty advisor's signature.  Vehicles are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. 


Reserving Club Space in the Hangar, bldg 4

Contact George Leone to see if it is possible to reserve a space for your club in the machine shop hangar.  He can also arrange for a student technician to help with club projects such as machining, painting, welding, etc.



Jim Gerhardt, Senior Technician

Contact Jim to: shipping of competition vehicle or equipment and whether a competition vehicle becomes active or inactive

Mechanical Engineering, 13-128
(805) 756-1278

George Leone, AERO Hangar Supervisor

Contact George to: reserve club space in the hangar, delegates technicians to help with the clubs

Mechanical Engineering, 13-128 and the hangar building 4
(805) 756-6350

Eric Pulse, Mustang '60 Machine Shop Supervisor

Contact Eric to: for any matters related to the Mustang '60 Machine Shop

Mechanical Engineering, 197-114
(805) 756-5634

Christine Haas, Budget Analyst

Contact Christine to: processes travel forms (domestic and international), assists with bus charters, processes reimbursements, processes purchase orders, assists with purchases on the VISA ProCard

Mechanical Engineering, 13-254
(805) 756-5586