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Cal Poly Supermileage is a multi-disciplinary team of students dedicated to designing and manufacturing hyper-efficient, gasoline-powered vehicles. We compete in Shell’s annual Eco-Marathon competition, where the strict objective is fuel efficiency. In the 2015 competition, we placed 7th out of about 40 teams by achieving close to 1000 miles per gallon.

For next year’s competition, we will be manufacturing a new lightweight body from aerospace-grade carbon fiber and other high performance composites. Both the steering and the drivetrain systems will be completely re-designed, focusing on goals of improving reliability and safety. There will also be extensive fuel-injection optimization for our engine, as well as the integration of a brand new, completely custom Engine Control Unit (ECU). All of this will culminate in April, 2016 when we will be looking to beat Cal Poly’s all-time record of 2752 mpg.

We are a group of forward-thinking students who recognize the need to push the boundaries of current fossil fuel technology in order to make possible the transition to a more sustainable energy infrastructure. We gladly welcome people from any major, and with any skillset!

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