Terminal Server for Remote Access

CENGWTSThe College Of Engineering Windows
Terminal Server (CENGWTS) is available
worldwide. The terminal server is load
balanced between three servers, such that each
additional user is connected to the other
server automatically. I.E. if there were 30
connections, 10 would be on each server.
To provide greater security you will access
it via a secure https website instead of
using remote desktop directly. This is a
joint effort by Mechanical Engineering,
Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical

Connect to the CENG Windows Terminal Server

If you are using windows, you will need windows professional, enterprises or education, Not ”Home” versions. You can get Windows Education for $14.99 from me.calpoly.edu/tech.

  1. Open https://cengwts.calpoly.edu on your favorite internet browser.
  2. Enter your username as calpoly\username.
  3. Select either “This is a public or shared computer” or “This is a private computer”.
  4. Click on Sign in.
  5. Select the program you want to run. The first program launch takes a while to create your temporary profile but subsequent programs launch at normal speed. You will be prompted a couple fo times that you will have to accept and click through. You can eliminate these steps by setting up RDAC see below.
  6. If you are an Abaqus user, you must create a folder in the D: drive and make that your working directory. When done, launch Firefox on cengwts and go to my.calpoly.edu One Drive and upload your work from the D:\ drive to your One Drive. Next session download your file from One Drive to the D: drive.
  7. When you are finished, be sure and “Sign out” in the upper right corner from the main screen when done, do not just close your browser. Your session will time out if you close your browser but by manually signing out you free up cpu and memory sooner for the next person.

Setting up RDAC

WIndows Users -  Instructions
Mac Users - Instructions

Once you configure RDAC go to your Windows 10 start bar apps and scroll all the way down to Work Resources (RADC) and you will see all the programs that are available on cengwts. Right-click and pin the ones you regularly use to your desktop and/or taskbar.

File Storage

Do not attempt to save any files to the CENG Windows Terminal Server C Drive. Files saved to the cengwts (Virtual Labs) desktop are deleted on exit.

Saving your files on our lab computers 

Open your favorite browser and login to my.calpoly.edu and launch OneDrive. Save your files to your OneDrive and retrieve from OneDrive on your next session or at home.


You can print to your local computer

Tips + Help

Contact our department IT Specialist, Larry Coolidge (lcoolidg@calpoly.edu).


MacOS (RDAC) - Microsoft Project Save Error

Symptom: When Saving to Home Directory, Microsoft Project gives back error
Solution: Save the project file to the Desktop folder on the server. Then in Project, save as. Go the the server's Desktop folder again. Right click the saved file. Copy and then paste it into your home directory.

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