Student Projects Machine Shop in the Hangar

Location: 04-100


Aptly suited to provide an extensive "Learn by Doing" experience for Mechanical Engineering and other students, the Student Projects Shop offers a complete array of manufacturing equipment. From basic hand and power tools to state-of-the-art computer controlled machines, students are exposed to the myriad of processes and technologies that comprise today's' manufacturing and fabricating environment in a step-by-step manner. Safety and Environmental Responsibility are emphasized to meet the challenges of twenty-first century engineering and production . Students use the Student Projects Shop to produce class assignments, build Club projects for regional and national competitions, and create their Senior Projects. To find out how to how to use the Shop click here.


  • Wood shop: Sanders, Table and Radial Arm Saws, Planer/Jointer, Bandsaw, Router Table, Downdraft Sanding Table, ShopBot Computer-Controlled Router (5ft. x 10ft. bed).
  • Sheet Metal Shop: Shears, Brakes, Cylinder and Bead Rollers, Punches, Sandblasters, Planishing Hammer, Fournier English Wheel.
  • Machine Shop: Drill Presses, Grinders, Sanders, Abrasive Tubing Notcher, Vertical and Horizontal Bandsaws, Lathes, Mills, Haas Computer-Controlled Lathe and Milling Machines.
  • Weld Shop: Gas Welding Rig, Spot Welder, MIG Welders, TIG (Heli-Arc) Welders, Optically-Driven Plasma Cutter.
  • Other Equipment: Hand tools, Hand Power Tools (Electric and Air), Vacuum Pumps, Paint Booth (Car-Sized), Vehicle Frame Jig, Hand and Hydraulic Presses, Granite Surface Plate.

View detailed information on the machine shop, including test information here:

Machine Shop Information

View live webcams: cam 1, cam 2, cam 3, cam 4, cam 5, cam 6

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