HVAC&R Advisory Board

Dear Fellow Supporters of Cal Poly HVAC&R,

Our endowment was created to specifically support the HVAC&R program at Cal Poly, which means that all proceeds can only be used for the betterment of the program and do not go into the general fund.

As most of you know, our program was suspended for over a decade from the late 80s through 2000. By building a strong endowment, we are making it possible to sustain the program for the long-haul. Your contributions will provide:

  • Enhanced instructional activities and expansion of the program’s reach.
  • Student field trips to visit job sites and meet with HVAC&R professionals – the students currently make two of these trips per year in Northern and Southern California.
  • Student trips to the national ASHRAE convention.
  • Funds to keep our new HVAC&R Laboratory functional and state-of-the-art.
  • Equipment and supplies for the students to participate in Cal Poly’s Open House and showcase our industry.

Please take a moment to give online. Go to the link below and follow the easy directions.

Donate Online

The students and faculty at Cal Poly – along with all of us in the HVAC&R profession who benefit by the caliber of engineers that Cal Poly graduates – thank you for your generous support.


Ron Sweet*, DMG Corp
Larry Sun*, tk1sc
Jesse Maddren, Professor

*Former Co-Chair and Member, Cal Poly HVAC&R Industry Advisory Board