Internal Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are available through Cal Poly, the College of Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Criteria include financial need, scholastic achievement, participation in school activities, community service, honors, organizational affiliations, and educational objectives.

FAFSA - All students that would like to be considered for a need-based scholarship through CENG and Mechanical Engineering must complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be considered. For priority consideration for financial aid programs and Cal Poly scholarships, complete the FAFSA by March 2. 

Cal Poly Scholarship Application - To be considered for any of the Cal Poly, College of Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering scholarships, you must complete the university application.  You only need to complete one application to apply for all internal scholarships. Access to the application is available through your portal.

Incoming freshmen scholarships are awarded through the admissions process and are not eligible for internal scholarships.

Applications are closed

Scholarship Student Amount Min. GPA Other
Accenture Junior $1,500 3.0  
Michael Adams Junior $25,000 3.0 Preference to students who demonstrate an interest in a career in the recycling industries. 
Charles Black All levels Various 3.0 Preference to Pi Tau Sigma honorary fraternity members.
Boeing All levels $1,425 3.2 Must have financial need.
Grant Brown Memorial All levels $5,000 2.75 Must have financial need and taking HVAC coursework leading to a career in industry.
Richard F. Burris At least sophomore $1,200 2.7 Preference to SAE member.
Chevron ASME At least sophomore $1,425 3.0 Student must demonstrate leadership skills, ability to interact with faculty and peers, involvement in campus or community service. 
Chevron Scholarship for Mechanical Engineering All levels $1,425 3.0 Demonstrated leadership skills and involvement in campus or community service.
Don Chivens At least sophomore $3,000 3.0  
Bill Evans All levels $3,000 2.75  
William Squire Fowler At least junior $1,200   Demonstrated scholastic achievement.
Cordner Gibson and Ace Smith All levels $600 2.7 Students interested 
Michael Hushour All levels Various   Must have financial need.
Konrad Meissner At least junior $600 3.0  
Samuel W. Nay III Memorial All levels $1,050 3.0  
Osteyee Family All levels Various 3.0  
Parker Hannifin Corporation All levels $1,050 3.0  
Frank E. Pilling, Sr. All levels $900 3.2 Must have financial need and substantive scholastic achievement.
Roy N. Poage Memorial All levels Various   Must be part of ASHRAE and a curriculum focus in HVAC.
Jack and Alice Spaulding Mechanical Engineering At least junior $750 3.0  
Morris P. Taylor Memorial All levels Various   Must demonstrate scholastic achievement.
Wingate Foundation HVAC&R Scholarships All levels Various 2.5 Must be active members in the Air Conditioning Club and have earned the WIngate Foundation Learn-by-Doing Award.
Tom and Nancy Yackle At least junior $2,100 3.0 Must have a good record of participation in student organizations.
Accenture Outstanding Junior ME Award At least junior $300 3.0 Must demonstrate leadership skills and ability to work effectively with peers and faculty. 
William H. Mckeen Memorial Award All levels $150   Must have financial need.
Wingate Learn-By-Doing Award All levels $285 2.5 Must be pursuing HVAC concentration, an active member of the Air Conditioning club, and worked a minimum of 2 months for an HVACR related company. 
Martini Scholarships At least sophomore $11,586 2.9 Must have financial need.
LAM Research At least sophomore $4,800 3.0  
Timothy Hatch At least junior $3,000 3.2  
Adele and Aldo Alessio All levels $1,500 3.0  
Sprague Family All levels $5,000 3.0  
Harold Frank All levels $900   Must have financial need.
Constant J. and Dorothy F. Chrones All levels Various 3.0  

External Scholarships

Scholarships are available from organizations and companies outside of Cal Poly. Application details are available by clicking on individuals scholarship links below. Visit financial aid for a full list of scholarships.

Sponsor Amount Deadline to Apply Date Posted More Information
CSU Foundation 2021-22 Systemwide Scholarship: Howard C. Christiansen Trust Endowment. Varies 5/14/2021 4/8/21 Contact

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