Administrative Tools for Current Senior Project Students

Tracking Expenses

Use this budget template (Excel) to track your expenses through the term of your project. Make sure you stay within your project's budget. Keep track of all your invoices and receipts.

Travel Procedures

  1. Before your trip: At least 1 week prior to traveling, you will need to:
  2. After your trip: Complete the top portion (fields highlighted in blue) of your Travel Claim Form (Excel). Please turn in your completed travel claim form, any applicable receipts, the name of your senior project and final amount of mileage to Meredith Rubin in 13-263.
  3. For more information about university travel policy and reimbursement rates, see University Travel Guidelines.

Ordering Project Supplies

  1. Option 1: (Preferred Method) - Have the company or organization that is sponsoring your project purchase the supplies and materials you need for the project.
  2. Option 2: Procurement
    1. Complete a P-Card Purchase Request Form (PDF) to have the ME Department purchase your requested items with a department procurement card. Include your project funding information, and have your senior project advisor sign the form to approve the order request.
    2. Schedule an appointment to use the ProCard with Meredith Rubin at 805-756-6368 or
    3. Bring in your completed Purchase Request Form to your appointment. All procurement items will be delivered to the Mustang '60 Machine Shop in Bonderson Building, Room 114. 
  3. Option 3: Purchase your project supplies directly, either online or at a local vendor (such as or Home Depot), and request reimbursement. See below for detailed reimbursement procedures.

ProCard Rules & Restrictions:

  • The ProCard is NEVER to be used for Ebay.
  • The ProCard can be used for single purchases between $100 - $3,500.
  • Anything under $100 should be purchased with your own credit/debit card and submitted for reimbursement (see below). 
  • Anything over $3,500 needs to be processed as a purchase order. Please work with Meredith Rubin at to do this. 

Reimbursement Procedures for supply purchases

  1. Complete the Reimbursement Request form (PDF).  Please include your Senior Project name, adviser, and funding information (if known). If you are being reimbursed by your senior project sponsor, please contact your sponsor directly. 
  2. Attach all your itemized receipts. Photos/copies of cash register receipts have to be treated as lost receipts. The office can provide a Lost Receipt Form for you. For all online orders or receipts that do not include the statement(s) "BALANCE $0.00" or "PAID IN FULL," please provide a copy of the bank/credit card statement reflecting the charge as posted. Please highlight the relevant charges. 
  3. Turn in to Meredith Rubin in 13-263 at the General Engineering office.


All procurement orders will be shipping to the following address:

Mustang 60 Shop
1 Grand Ave.
Attn: (Name of student)
San Luis Obispo, cA 93407


For more information about ME senior project administrative procedures, please contact Meredith Rubin at 805-756-6368  or email

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