Student Perspective: Studying Abroad in Munich

Dakota Baker, mechanical engineering senior, studied abroad at the Munich University of Applied Sciences over the summer. Dakota shares his experience abroad below. Visit our study abroad page for more information about available programs. 


Dakota BakerHey engineering student! Do you want to study abroad but can’t afford missing classes at Cal Poly? This program may be for you!

Engineering for Sustainability takes place at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany. It lasts five weeks and costs roughly $6,000 which is a total estimate covering everything from airfare to room and board (there’s free breakfast at the hostel). However, if you receive the Federal Pell Grant, you can apply for the Gilman Scholarship which offers recipients $5,000! A German language class is required, but it counts towards General Education credit (C1 or C2). Habe Spaß! (translation: Have fun) Something special about this program is that you can also get 6 transferable technical elective credits!

Week 1 is all about learning basic German and helpful phrases, Week 2-3 is your first class, and Week 4-5 is your second class. Sustainable Energy Systems, Smart Vehicles, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, and Internal Combustion Engines are some of the offered classes.

But don’t forget time to explore! While in Munich, the teachers are very mindful of the students’ desire to travel and classes get out around 3 pm. Cool field trips are also included. We went on a factory tour of BMW, went to the Deutschland Museum, and more! Also, students are given a few days off including one entire weekend! I personally adventured around the city of Munich while also visiting nearby cities such as Andechs, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and Salzburg. students taking tour Some people even went to Berlin and Croatia.

Last but not least, this program is international so you can be sure to meet people from all over the world. And most of the students stay in the same hostel, so everyone kind of becomes a big family near the end. If you are looking to study abroad, look no further than Engineering for Sustainability at MUAS!

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