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Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering DepartmentThe ME Department relies on funds from our alumni and friends to support our students in many ways. The students see the impact of this support from their first week on campus to their last official ME events. In tough budgetary times, this additional support also allows us to hold up our core values keeping class sizes down, labs equipped, and our students on track to graduate on time. Please consider helping out to ensure that we can continue to deliver the high-quality education on which we have built a national reputation.

With your generous assistance, our students can continue to perform as well as those who have attended private schools which cost four times as much! Click the photo above to make a donation.


HVACOur endowment was created to specifically support the HVAC&R program at Cal Poly, which means that all proceeds can only be used for the betterment of the program and do not go into the general fund. Our program was suspended for over a decade from the late 80s through 2000. By building a strong endowment, we are making it possible to sustain the program for the long-haul. Your contributions will provide:

  • Enhanced instructional activities and expansion of the program's reach.
  • Student field trips to visit job sites and meet with HVAC&R professionals - the students currently make two of these trips per year in Northern and Southern California.
  • Student trips to the national ASHRAE convention.
  • Funds to keep our new HVAC&R Laboratory functional and state-of-the-art.
  • Equipment and supplies for the students to participate in Cal Poly's Open House and showcase our industry.  

Student Technicians

Student TechsThe student fabrication labs have long been one of the critical facilities that have made it possible for Cal Poly to distinguish itself as a truly unique engineering program. We view these facilities as being as critical to our program as a teaching hospital is to a medical school. The shops offer opportunities for students to get their hands dirty, learning what it really takes to see their designs through to reality. The shops also support many of our hands-on competitive clubs such as our Human Powered Vehicle Club, Society of Automotive Engineers Mini Baja, Formula and Electric Formula teams, Supermileage Club, and Robotics to name a few.The grease that keeps this machine going is our student shop technician group that consists of students from varied engineering majors that help their peers stay safe as they explore the possibilities available in the Aero Hangar and the Mustang '60 Machine Shop.

Your gift to this fund will go directly to support our student technicians. We see this as a win-win-win opportunity. The student technicians win with a great job. Cal Poly wins as our alumni and friends help us to move the Student Fabrication Labs forward, adding capability and capacity. You win knowing that you are a vital part of keeping our Learn by Doing traditions alive. And all Cal Poly students win as more student technicians make it possible for us to expand the opportunities for students across campus to utilize these invaluable facilities. Click one of the photos above to make a donation.

Sending a Check

You may also send a check directly to the department, payable to the Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Department. Add a note specifying one of the ME needs, unless you would like us to use our discretion in directing the gift to one of the needs listed.

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