The ME Discretionary-Fund Allocation Committee (MEDAC) is a committee of five or more students, elected yearly by all eligible ME students that meets regularly in open meetings with the advice of staff and faculty and decides how to spend the college based fees.  This program was initiated by a student referendum in 2003 (under the name MESFAC) when all College of Engineering students agreed to increase their own student fees starting at $200 per quarter with cost of living increases with the understanding that 100% of the funds would go to their own department and the spending would be directed by students for enhancement of the program.    

Over the years, MEDAC has supported a broad range of items including additional courses, new lab equipment, course development, student projects and club activities. Starting in 2022, the funding source transferred to the Mechanical Engineering Department’s discretionary funds, allowing donors to directly see where their funding is going toward within the department fund. This resulted in the organization’s new name: MEDAC.

  1. All ME students can participate in the MEDAC.  You can nominate yourself as a candidate for the next committee.  Nominations occur at the beginning of spring quarter.  Elections are usually the seventh week of winter quarter.  Even if you are not running for the committee you should be interested in hearing what the candidates have to say to be sure your concerns and priorities will be represented and vote accordingly. Nominations, candidate information and voting is conducted on the Canvas MEDAC Class.
  2. Committee members meet 3 or 4 times a quarter to confer with the department and college, make a spending plan, review and vote on proposals.  All meetings are open to the public and student participation is encouraged.  If you have an idea or opinion you are welcome to come to the next meeting and be heard.

2023-2024 MEDAC Committee

Student representatives

Chair: Scott Brown

Vice-Chair: Kyle Schumacher

Secretary: Ben Leistiko

PR: Ella Perry

Treasurer: Ryan Schackel

2021-2022 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives

Chair: Cole Andrews

Vice-Chair: Alex Zuzick

Secretary: Ashley Che

Treasurer: Matthew Frost

2020-2021 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives

Chair: Cole Andrews

Vice-Chair: Alex Zuzick

Secretary: Ashley Che

Public Relations: Jackson McFaul

Treasurer: Matthew Frost

2019-2020 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives 

Chair: Donovan Zusalim 

Vice Chair: Cole Andrews

Secretary: Raymond Deng

Public Relations: Biren Rama

Treasurer: Kara Hewson

2018-2019 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives 

Chair: Jessalyn Bernick

Vice Chair: Chris Fedor

Secretary: Lynette Cox

Public Relations: Donovan Zusalim

Treasurer: KC Egger

2017-2018 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives 

Chair: Eric Zhong

Vice Chair: Jessalyn Bernick

Secretary: Nathan Harry

Public Relations: Kathryn Webb

Treasurer: Carl Stoye

2016-2017 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives 

Chair:  Lucas Rybarczyk 

Vice Chair: Eric Zhong

Secretary: Zachary Sharpell

Public Relations: Paul Swartz

Treasurer: Kathryn Webb

2015-2016 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives 

Chair: Gus Holz

Vice Chair: Lucas Rybarczyk

Secretary: Greg Orekov

Public Relations: Eric Dreischerf

Treasurer: Andrew Furmidge

2014-2015 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives 

Chair: Andrew Cunningham

Vice Chair: Gus Holz

Secretary: Zachary Sharpell

Public Relations: Eric Dreischerf

Treasurer: Lucas Rybarczyk

2013-2014 MEDAC Committee

Student Representatives 

Chair: Allian Roman 

Vice Chair: Andrew Cunningham

Secretary: Bodin Rojanachaichanin

Public Relations: Gus Holz

Treasurer: Ian Milliken

Dates Subject to Change

Week # 















Begin Accepting/Advertising Proposals (Wednesday) 

Introduce new members (Wednesday) 

Begin Accepting Proposals (Wednesday) 




Begin Accepting/Advertising Proposals (Wednesday) 

All Proposals Due (Thursday) 

Allocation Meeting (Friday) 

Advertise Election/Open Candidate Nomination (Friday) 


All Proposals Due (Thursday) 

Allocation Meeting (Friday) 






All Proposals Due (Thursday) 

Allocation Meeting (Friday) 

Advertise Elections (Friday) 

Candidate Nominations Due (Friday) 




Elections End (Friday) 



















It is recommended that you first copy the MEDAC proposal form into a Word document to fill it out first and save it for later. The MEDAC proposal form cannot save proposals to edit later and once a proposal has been submitted it cannot be edited. Do not forget the Bill of Materials! Proposals missing the Bill of Materials cannot be approved. 

General Guidelines (see bylaws for more details):

  1. A mechanical engineering student must be the one to submit the application.
  2. Funds may not be allocated to general consumables (paper, pencils, etc.) nor for travel.
  3. The proposing student or a designated surrogate must attend the in person MEDAC meeting for funding to be allocated.

Submit a New Proposal – Click here to submit a proposal for consideration (Link will be activated once we begin accepting proposals). 

Search Proposals – Search through submitted proposals. 

BOM Template – Download excel template.

Examples of a correctly filled out BOM:BOM Example 1

BOM Example 2

The easiest and quickest way to use your MEDAC approved funds is to buy the proposal items using your own personal funds and to submit a specific MEDAC reimbursment form through the Mechanical Engineering office. Keep your original receipts in order to facilitate the reimbursement process. Ask the ME office in building 13, room 254 for a “MEDAC Reimbursment Form” and fill it out as instructed. 

If you lack the funds to buy the items youself, you may submit a Purchase Request form through the Mechanical Engineering office. Ask the ME office if you need help with submitting one of these forms.

Keep in mind: 

All funds must be spent as indicated on your proposal form.

All funds on the proposal must be spent and forms submitted to the ME office by a specified date. This date will be clearly announced each quarter before the proposal meeting and in a follow-up email to any student who was approved funding. Failure to submit reimbursement forms may cause issues when trying to access the allocated funds.

Please submit all forms and receipts via email to the ME office. 

The current committee can be reached by email at: