senior Project

Senior Projects

The Senior Design Project is a three-quarter, team-based experience where students design, build and test a solution to an externally-sponsored problem. Students develop teamwork and communication skills needed to prepare them for their careers, as well as gain valuable experience working to find a solution to a user’s need.

Project work includes:

    • Defining the problem and scope of work
    • Conceptualizing and modeling potential solutions
    • Developing and analyzing the detailed design
    • Building a functional prototype
    • Testing to verify performance

All ME students complete a senior design project. However, there are different ways of achieving this depending on your concentration and interests:

    • Mechanical Engineering Senior Project (ME 428-429-430) Most ME students take this senior design project course sequence. ME 428 is offered Fall, Winter, or Spring.
    • HVAC&R (ME 459-460): HVAC&R concentration students take this course sequence. ME 459 is offered Winter quarter.
    • Interdisciplinary Senior Project (ENGR 459-460-461): Students wanting to work on larger projects with other engineering disciplines may take this sequence. ENGR 459 is offered in Fall. 
    • Entrepreneurial Senior Project (ENGR 463-464-465): Students interested in developing a design as part of a business plan may take this course sequence. ENGR 463 is offered in Fall.
    • Outside of the department: Although not common, some students complete their senior design project with a different engineering department. If you’re interested in this, check with the ME department chair.

Virtual Senior Project Expo: All our students participate in a senior project expo each year. We adapted this in-person expo into an online format in 2020. View

Digital Commons: All senior project teams must develop extensive documentation about their process and results. Visit digital commons for examples of past senior projects.

Do you have a design challenge that you think would make a good mechanical engineering senior project?  We want to hear from you!

Click here for more information about proposing & sponsoring a senior project.