Department Forms

Student Employment

Prerequisite Course Waiver Form (via Adobe Sign)

This form is required for all students who want to take a mechanical engineering course (ME prefix), but either the registration system does not recognize a prerequisite or the student is missing the prerequisite but has relevant knowledge that will allow them to succeed in the course they want to take. Note that mechanical engineering students who are requesting a waiver of a prerequisite for a required mechanical engineering course are not likely to be approved. Please make sure to apply for the waiver to the lecture instructor with the section number you want to add, not your lab

Special Problems Form (via Adobe Sign)

After the form is signed by your instructor and department chair, you’ll receive an email so you can download the PDF. If you are approved to use ME400 for technical elective credit via this form, you need to attach the signed form to a course substitution request to get the credit on your transcript.  You can start the course substitution process here:

Time Conflict Request (E-Form)

This request form will be sent directly to your major College Advising Center upon completion.  You must use this request form to ask your Advising Center to begin certain Office of the Registrar forms on your behalf.

The purpose of this form is to start the process by which a student may gain access to ME Laboratory Facilities for authorized project work (e.g., senior project, MS thesis, etc.). This form will collect data that will be stored to track access requests. Please fill out the form as accurately as possible. Before you begin these forms, you will need to know the names and emails of both your Project Advisor and the Lab Facility Coordinator (a list for lab facility coordinators can be found in Part 1). 

When you have finished with Part 1, please proceed to fill out Part 2 (which will generate an AdobeSign form to be routed for signatures). Before filling out Part 2, you are encouraged to communicate with the Lab Facility Coordinator to start the process to complete any necessary training to be approved to work in the lab.  

    1. Part 1 – Lab Access Survey
    2. Part 2 – Lab Access Authorization Form

A request to hire an ISA must be made by faculty/supervisor. The form will not be processed if submitted by student.

Faculty: ME ISA Student Hire Request.  

Administrative Coordinator will proceed with hiring and initiate ASE 101 and ISA 101.

Forms will be routed to students, faculty and department chair for approvals.

If you are a new student employee, you must meet with Payroll Services no later than your first day of employment. Once you complete your section of the hiring form in AdobeSign a Payroll staff member will contact you to schedule a virtual Zoom intake. You cannot be paid for any time prior to this intake being completed.  Students – Payroll Services – Cal Poly

ISA Reporting Schedule
Calendar deadlines for entering time (published calendar) 
Summary of Steps to Complete Timesheet  
    1. Enter hours worked on the online timesheet note: the SA timesheet is different from the ISA timesheet. Be sure to click on the correct link in your portal for access to your online timesheet.
    2. Use the screen print function of your web browser to print/download a copy of your timesheet.
    3. Submit timesheet for approval to your department using the ME ISA Timesheet Approval form

Once you have entered your hours through Payroll and completed the office online form, your hours will be approved and your hours for pay will be issued within the regular pay cycle.

If you miss the deadline to submit hours using the online form, you will need to submit a late timesheet and your pay period will be interrupted. Late ISA timesheets that are submitted to Payroll Services by the 15th of the month are paid on approximately the 25th. Please email the completed late timesheet to your faculty and the office.  Faculty will email back with approval and then the office will submit the form to payroll for processing. Late Student Timesheet and Instructions.  

Current Senior Project Students

Click here for the Senior Project Student Success Guide

If you are currently enrolled in a project, refer to the following information to learn about the processes.  For more information about ME senior project administrative procedures, please contact Meredith Rubin: 

Phone: 805-756-6368   

Use this budget template (Excel) to plan and track your expenses throughout your entire project. Make sure you stay within your project’s budget. Keep track of all your invoices and receipts.

Option A: Sponsor Purchase (Preferred Method for external sponsors)
Have the company or organization that is sponsoring your project purchase the supplies/materials you need for the project and ship them to you at the Mustang ’60 Machine Shop.

Option B: Cal Poly ProCard Purchase
If you have funds managed by the ME dept, you can have Meredith Rubin purchase your items using a department procurement card (ProCard):

  1. Complete a ProCard Purchase Request Form(Excel).  On the form:
    • Be specific about the items (item number, description, quantity) and source(s). 
    • Clearly state your Project Number (e.g. F53) and a descriptive title.
    • All required fields must be completed.
    • If you have any special discounts, clearly state how to get them.
    • Use this shipping address:
         Your Name (& e-mail address & cell number)
           1 Grand Avenue
           Cal Poly Mustang ’60 Machine Shop
           San Luis Obispo, CA  93407
  1. Update your Project Budget Sheet to include past and current purchases (including taxes and shipping costs).  State your original on-campus budget and calculate the total amount remaining.
  2. Email your Approver:  If your project has an “Approver” (see the list in Purchasing Info on Canvas), email your Purchase Request and Project Budget to your Approver and ask them to forward these back to you confirming they approve the purchase. [skip this step if your project has no “Approver”]
  3. Email your Advisor:  Forward the Approver’s response with the two documents (Project Budget and Purchase Request) to your project advisor and ask them to forward these to Meredith Rubin at with their approval.  Please include the words “Purchase Request” and your Project Number (e.g. F22) in the subject line.
  4. After your advisor forwards your request, Meredith will place your order and notify you by email. 
    • ProCard Restrictions:
      — The ProCard may NOT be used for Ebay.
      — The ProCard can be used for single purchases up to $2,500.
      — Anything over $2,500 needs to be processed as a purchase order. Please work with Meredith Rubin ( to do this. 

Option C: Cal Poly Reimbursement
If you have funds managed by the ME dept, you may choose to make small (<$100) purchases from local vendors and request reimbursement. Read the Reimbursement Procedure, below, before making any purchases.

You may ONLY use this process if:

  • Your project has funds managed by the ME dept.
  • Your purchase has been pre-approved by your senior project Advisor (and Approver, if applicable).
  • You are making small (<$100) purchases at local (not online) vendors.


If all of the above are true, follow this process:

  1. Complete your purchase.
  2. Complete the Reimbursement Request form(PDF).   Clearly state your Project Number (e.g., F53), Project Name, and Advisor. 
  3. Scan itemized receipts/invoices for your purchases. All receipts must include the following information:
    • Date
    • Vendor or payee name
    • Amount paid, showing shipping (if applicable) and tax
    • Proof of payment (cash, credit card, check) with Balance $0.00 or Paid in Full
    • Description of the item(s) purchased.
    • If you are missing a receipt, please fill out a Lost Receipt Form.
  1. For credit/debit card purchases, scan a copy of your bank statement or a screenshot of the charges on your credit card (any personal information may be blacked out). 
  2. Email your reimbursement request and all required documentation (reimbursement form, receipt(s), copy of statement) to Meredith Rubin at  Meredith will route the packet to your advisor for electronic signature and on to the appropriate financial offices.  Reimbursement Checks typically take 2-3 weeks to be processed and issued.

Note the following before planning travel:

  • All travelers will be required to sign the “Traveler’s Acknowledgment of Risk Guidance,” accepting the risk of COVID-19 exposure.
  • All travel needs to be approved by your Faculty Coach prior to submitting your pre-authorization. There are different allowable expenses depending on the project you are working on. As a general rule, only mileage is reimbursed for driving trips.
  • For driving over 150 miles round trip, it’s generally more cost effective to have the department rent a car for you to drive.  Ask about this option (but DON’T rent a car yourself!).
  • Mileage is not generally reimbursed for local trips (less than 50 miles round-trip).



Please follow these directions for planning and completing your trip:

(All forms must be filled out electronically.)

  1. Before your trip: At least 1 week prior to travel, turn in your completed Travel Pre-Authorization Form and the Traveler’s Acknowledgment of Risk Guidance.
  2. You must also have an Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business (PDF) on file.  Must be renewed annually.  Fill out and submit with your first trip.
  3. Within 10 days from the return of your trip:
    • Complete and sign the Travel Claim Form. Attach a Google Map showing your route with mileage.
    • Turn in completed travel claim forms to the Meredith Rubin.
  4. If additional expenses have been approved prior to travel:
    • Attach all receipts for items over $40.  Receipts must show the final cost, itemized list of what was purchased, provide proof of payment (shows how was it paid) and include the date of purchase.
    • If any of the above information is not included on the receipt you must submit proof of payment in the form of a bank statement (any personal information may be blacked out).
    • Lost Receipt Form must be turned in for missing receipts for any amount greater than $40.

For guidance on filling out the Travel Claim Form please review the Travel Claim Guide (pdf). All items highlighted yellow need to be answered.  Hover over the highlighted area for details of what to include.

For more information about university travel policy and reimbursement rates, see the University Travel guidelines.

All international travel must start with the International Center.