Senior Projects


What is the senior project experience?

The Senior Design Project is a 3-quarter, team-based experience where students design, build and test a solution to an externally sponsored problem. This format allows students to develop teamwork and communication skills needed for today's workplace, as well as gain valuable experience working to satisfy a user’s need.

Project work includes:

  • Defining the problem and scope of work
  • Conceptualizing and modeling potential solutions
  • Developing and analyzing the detailed design
  • Building a functional prototype
  • Testing to verify performance

Administrative Tools for Current Senior Project Students

If you are currently enrolled in a senior project, click here for administrative tools. Here is where you’ll find the Student Success Guide, travel information and forms, and budgeting and purchasing tools.

Past Senior Project Reports

All senior project teams develop extensive documentation about their process and results. Click here if you want to read past final project reports.

Senior Project Alternatives

All ME students complete a senior design project. However, there are different ways of achieving this:

  • ME 428-429-430: Most ME students take this senior design project course sequence. ME 428 is offered Fall, Winter, or Spring.
  • ME 459-460: HVAC&R concentration students take this course sequence. ME 459 is offered Winter quarter.
  • ENGR 459-460-461 (Interdisciplinary Senior Project): Students wanting to work on larger projects with other engineering disciplines may take this sequence. ENGR 459 is offered in Fall. 
  • ENGR 463-464-465 (Entrepreneurial Senior Project): Students interested in developing a design as part of a business plan may take this course sequence. ENGR 463 is offered in Fall.
  • Other Majors: Although not common, some students complete their senior design project with a different engineering department. If you’re interested in this, check with the ME department chair.

Sponsoring a Senior Project

The senior project experience would not be possible without the dedicated support of our project sponsors. If you have a design challenge and an interest in supporting the design education of future mechanical engineers, please consider sponsoring a senior design project. Click here for more information.

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